Mel’s Heater Services LLC is happy to offer their Radiant Floor heating in Lancaster PA, Utilizing energy efficient Waste Oil. There are many advantages to Radiant Floor heating that the traditional heating methods do not offer.  Our Radiant Floors will turn your entire floor into one big radiator heating up your entire room or office.

There are many advantages to this type of heating delivery system including:

  • Reduces energy cost
  • Reduces fuel cost
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Eliminated those cold drafts throughout your home or building during the winter months
  • The outlets can be placed out of sight
  • Little to no maintenance
  • Direct heat right to your floor on any floor style and plan
  • You can easily operate and change the heat level using the thermostat
  • Reduces allergies
  • This system makes virtually no noise or vibrations at all

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We not only sell Radiant Floors That Utilize Waste Oil in Lancaster PA but York PA, Reading PA, Lebanon PA, Harrisburg PA and the surrounding areas as well.  Any of our top quality heating equipment we sell, we offer installation also by our EnergyLogic certified technicians.

Looking for Waste Oil Heaters in Lancaster PA or the surrounding area call Mel’s Heater Services LLC at 717-768-3509 or for any additional information visit Mel’s website

 We also provide not just Radiant Floors but Radiant Panels that heat up your wall panels in your room or office. Radiant Panels are energy efficient, cost efficient and environmentally friendly compared to standard baseboard heaters.

Radiant Panels have multiple advantages such as:

  • Energy and cost efficiency
  • Radiant Panels make little to no noise at all
  • There is no heat rush that flows in or out of the room
  • Reduces allergens
  • Easily installed by our technicians
  • You can set the temperature to a comfortable level using the thermostat
  • Your room or office will heat up within minutes
  • Environmentally friendly


These Radiant Panels heat up your room or office through the walls as the Radiant Floor heats up through the floor.  Mel’s Heater is happy to offer a Radiant Floor heating system which utilizes waste Oil in Lancaster PA and the surrounding area which are more efficient for your home or business in so many ways.

People simply don’t realize the amount of savings because of a cleaner fuel and a fuel that is less expensive.

Our technicians are certified and happy to answer any questions you may have.

Call Mel’s Heater Services LLC for you Radiant Floor today at 717-768-3509 or for additional information visit their website

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