Mel’s Heater is happy to provide you their Waste Oil Heaters in York PA, Lebanon PA, Harrisburg PA and the surrounding area. Waste oil furnaces, heaters and boilers have so many advantages over any other traditional types of heating control systems.

The advantages of our heating systems:

  • Energy cost reduction
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Burns clean
  • Less maintenance
  • Keeps your home or business heated at a comfortable temperature
  • Uses less oil than other heaters and boilers


Waste oil Heaters in York PA and the surrounding area is the best way to go when looking for energy and cost efficient heating systems. Mel’s not only provides you the sales of heating systems but the installation as well. Mel’s offers EnergyLogic certified technicians who are more than happy to install your new heating system bought from Mel’s Heating Services LLC.

For additional Information call Mel’s today at 717-768-3509, they are happy to answer any questions, you may also visit their website

Mel’s also provides and installs other types of heating systems as well. Other Waste Oil Heaters in York PA, Lebanon PA, Harrisburg PA and the surrounding area include the following:

Radiant Heaters:

  • Turns your floor into one big area radiator
  • Sufficiently heats up you floor within minutes
  • Works on all floor types and floor plans
  • Eliminates cold drafts throughout your home or building
  • The outlets can be placed anywhere to be out of sight
  • No noises or vibration are caused by the radiant floors
  • You can easily adjust the heat to a comfortable temperature with a thermostat
  • Our technicians are happy to install your radiant floor

radiant_img3 radiant_img1

Energy Efficient Boilers:

  • Uses waste oil, meaning it uses less fuel
  • Energy efficient
  • Cost efficient
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Virtually no maintenance needed
  • Does not take long to heat up your home or business
  • Built for maximum performance


Our Waste Oil Heaters in York PA and the surrounding area will heat up your home or business at a low cost while burning clean and environmentally friendly.

Our expert team of certified professionals are happy to answer all your questions about your home or business heating system. Most people are simply not aware that the savings involved with waste oil because it burns cleaner and is less expensive are extensive.

New heating systems from Mel’s will usually pay for themselves and begin saving you considerable money within a very short period of time.

Looking for that perfect heating system, Call Mel’s Heater Services LLC at 717-768-3509 or visit their website for additional information